The promise of a greener world

The core commitments of the JC MONTFORT Group are based on serving populations through research and innovation. Working towards a greener world means having to adapt to the world of tomorrow using approaches that are both ecologically and socially responsible. The wind farms and solar photovoltaic plants established worldwide by JC MONTFORT are designed to evolve over time in response to new techniques aimed at improving environmental sustainability and quality.


Electricity generated from renewable energies based on a sustainable development approach for the benefit of the whole planet.


Day to day, the teams at the JC MONTFORT Group keep their promise to ensure the production of green energy with strict respect for international territories and populations, ensuring the highest possible standards of landscape integration for the wind farms and solar photovoltaic plants generating this electricity.
The JC MONTFORT Group seeks to promote, develop and operate decentralised projects to generate electricity from renewable energy sources, adhering to a sustainable economic development approach that respects populations and the environment.

Green energy production requires expertise in a wide range of skills such as industrial engineering, tax engineering or regional planning, as well as in project management and coordination. The goal is not just to produce green electricity, but also to achieve this under the best possible conditions so as to preserve the world of tomorrow.
The generation of green energy is a core concern, but not anyhow nor at any cost!



Control the skills chain in order to establish wind farms et solar photovoltaic plants that are fully integrated into and useful for the areas in which they are built.



Experts in the fields of energy and the environment, JC MONTFORT teams are actively involved in every phase of each project developed.

• Preliminary studies
• Development
• Coordination
• Funding
• Project Management Consultancy
• Operation


Based on extensive expertise and experience in energy infrastructures that goes back several years, the engineers at JC MONTFORT subsidiaries develop specific, innovative technologies, mainly involving electricity storage solutions.

This commitment entails strict respect for territories and populations, a highly responsive approach to the management of any problems in the field, a guarantee of the highest possible quality of landscape integration, optimal quality of the equipment used and its maintenance, together with a dialogue and pedagogy tailored to any project for wind farms and solar photovoltaic plants, especially abroad.

or “European Green Deal” is the name of a programme of unrivalled scope launched by the European Commission in 2020 to pave the way for the European Union to achieve climate neutrality by 2050.
The aim is to separate economic growth from the use of resources. A programme baptised the “Green Deal”, a reference to the American “New Deal” of the 1930s set up by President Roosevelt in response to the Great Depression.
The Green Deal is a highly ambitious green programme that requires each player on the planet to “do their bit”. Businesses, local authorities and citizens all have their role to play.


The European Commission presented its European Green Deal in December 2019. This deal aims to mobilise both the corporate sector and individual citizens, who are invited to participate in the transition to a more ecological and sustainable development approach.

Key goal and policies of the Green Deal:
• Reduction of Greenhouse gases (GHG),
• Investment in research and innovation targeting environmental protection (green technologies).

Seeks to do its part in participating in the common effort.
Its international outlook means the JC MONTFORT Group is highly aware of the policies and regulatory and environmental orientations and directives issued by the relevant bodies. The teams at JC MONTFORT subsidiaries constantly monitor industry intelligence for information on the laws now governing the development of green projects.
All international projects are tailored to take account of future possibilities and the sustainable development requirements that will determine the future of our planet.