Controlling the skills chain required for effective production of renewable energies means providing a service that is both efficient, competitive and, above all, sustainable.

The promotion, development and operation of decentralised projects involving electricity generation from renewable energy sources on an international scale: these are the cornerstones on which the JC MONTFORT Group bases its business activity.

Expert in the fields of energy generation and the environment, JC MONTFORT teams are involved in every level of renewable energy generation, from the design study up to the operational phase, including project development, coordination and financing, and project management consultancy.

Local integration aimed at fostering mutual understanding and developing virtuous projects on an international scale.

JC MONTFORT integrates all its projects into the local economic fabric by becoming fully engaged with the cultural and economic issues specific to each country.

Respect for lands, natural resources and the environment, the quality of landscape integration, the support of local populations and the level of reliability of the technologies used guarantee both sustainability and the 5 S: environmental sustainability, agricultural sustainability, social sustainability, economic sustainability, energy sustainability.



The JC MONTFORT Group deploys a wide range of complementary skills and expertise, backed up by external, independent design consultancies.

A design consultancy focused on the development of green energy production
Eco Delta is one of the pillars of the JC MONTFORT Group.

In 2002, its founding member, Michel Jouven, was one of the rare visionaries that has spent 20 years advocating a greener and more innovative vision of the future. Since then, interest in the development of renewable energies has grown exponentially, but Eco Delta was one of the key players spearheading the original movement.
JC MONTFORT is, therefore, also the story of a professional working in the nuclear energy sector who made the decision to change course and refocus his career on the development of renewable energies.


A laboratory for agrivoltaics serving rural areas
Agrivoltaics is an innovative solution promoted by Cevennes Energy that uses land simultaneously for both agricultural purposes and the production of renewable energies. Despite the seeming incompatibility of these two sectors, driven by its ongoing work in research and innovation, the JC MONTFORT Group is a strong advocate for their combination.
Placing solar panels directly above fields used for crops or livestock would make it possible to deploy solutions that address the twin issues of social and environmental sustainability.



JC MONTFORT INTERNATIONAL aims to become a leader in the development and production of renewable energy in Switzerland through the implementation of solar power and wind farm projects on an international scale.


Innovation as the key to the future.

The technologies linked to the development of electricity generation from wind and solar photovoltaic solutions are constantly evolving. The R&D teams at JC MONTFORT are constantly seeking to improve the design of power installations, their integration into the landscape and with the local populations, in order to best meet economic, social and environmental requirements, which should be viewed as complementary rather than contradictory.

The progress made coupled with the latest innovations is used to constantly refine and improve power plants, productivity, energy yields, in addition to the management and operation of projects initiated by the JC MONTFORT Group.

Forward thinking paves the way for tomorrow’s world.

Working internationally to further innovation, becoming involved in the local issues specific to each country where we have wind turbine and solar PV power projects, analysing the impacts and outcomes, reworking techniques to improve them in the interests of sustainable development is all part of a responsible approach to the future of our planet.

By enshrining sustainability as a core concept of our actions in each country in which we operate, the JC MONTFORT Group positions itself as a key player in a changing world.


In the United States, JC MONTFORT is a member of the Solar Energy Industries Association® (SEIA).