A set of global environmental skills and expertise

The JC MONTFORT Group boasts expertise in the development, construction and operation of wind farms and solar photovoltaic systems on an international scale. JC MONTFORT develops, invests in and operates electricity generation sites, in the field of wind and solar photovoltaic power.

Through its subsidiaries and based on an expertise built up over nearly 20 years, the Group specialises in sustainable development solutions in certain specific domains:



Spearheading technological research and innovation


With several patents having been filed by its subsidiaries, the JC MONTFORT Group is considered a developer with a strong focus on the future. The engineers in JC MONTFORT teams work directly on each and every project developed in the field, giving them the experience required to develop solutions that are ever more relevant and suited to the specific issues and challenges in hand.
The reliability of these innovations is amply demonstrated in the many wind farms and solar photovoltaic systems in operation worldwide. They prove their undeniable potential on a daily basis, thus making it possible to plan the design of new and ever more effective projects.

Through its investments in Research & Development, JC MONTFORT has developed a series of highly reliable innovations with strong potential.

Predipower ®
This is a process that uses weather forecasts to predict the energy generation of solar PV plants and wind farms.
Storage of wind and solar power
A technology based on tests performed on a wind farm project coupled with an energy storage capacity.
CPV Tracking
CPV Tracking is based on the operation of a concentration photovoltaic prototype, built on a dual-axis tracker.


Bringing together a wide range of expertise to develop the sustainable production of renewable energies worldwide.


Based on its extensive range of industrial skills and expertise, JC MONTFORT can take on the role of integrated operator, with full control over the entire skills chain, from initial prospection up to operation of production sites, tailoring its approach to fit the political, social and regulatory environment of each market worldwide.
The design study for an industrial project involving the installation of a wind farm or solar photovoltaic plant, which has to take account of the technical, economic, financial, monetary and social aspects, requires a group effort that coordinates the work of several teams of specialists.
This feat of industrial engineering is underpinned by end-to-end control over the entire chain of development and operation for a solar photovoltaic or wind turbine project.



Tax engineering brings several skills into play, relating to the financial, economic, legal and fiscal domains. Tax engineering involves controlling project financing arrangements, requiring a global understanding of foreign markets, and also of the policies, laws and regulations in the countries where the wind farms and solar photovoltaic plants will be established.
Tax benefits subject to certain conditions are proposed for each law; it is therefore essential to have an in-depth knowledge and understanding of such laws. A tax exemption specialist will know how to translate laws in order to identify the relevant project development opportunities.

JC MONTFORT teams have extensive experience in the field of international investments and an in-depth knowledge of the legal, administrative, regulatory and judicial aspects of each country in which it establishes projects for solar photovoltaic plants or wind farms.

Expert knowledge of international taxation systems means not only ensuring from the outset that the financing arrangements for a solar photovoltaic plant or wind farm project are free of any inconvenience due to cross-border operations, but also identifying new ways of leveraging project development.


Regional development, in whatever form, involves implementing projects, seeking partnerships and developing the relevant financing arrangements. This requires sound knowledge, expertise and understanding of a region’s operation, policies, culture, practices, history as well as of any brakes that may occasionally hinder development.

JC MONTFORT teams work to establish wind farms and solar photovoltaic plants by integrating each project into the local economic fabric. The objective underlying each of the Group’s international projects is to play a central role in the concerns of local populations. Utmost respect for regions and their populations, strict quality requirements concerning landscape integration, full and unconditional acceptance by local populations and the reliability of the technologies involved – these are the key requirements underpinning every project.

Forward planning is the key to success.

Foreword planning for any technical difficulties or issues with negotiations that may arise in the field is a prerequisite for every member of the teams at JC MONTFORT.
JC MONTFORT’s regional planning department has laid the groundwork for the development of several projects in 8 countries (France; USA; Moldava; Tunisia; Ivory Coast; Ireland; Portugal; Spain).


Sophie Duranton

Finance Manager

“Using the field of finance to support the development of renewable energies - this is how I view the relationship between the two worlds that I encounter daily in my work.”
For 15 years, I worked in the financing of Renewable Energy projects in France and abroad. I began my career in structured finance at the Banque de Financement et Investissements, before switching sides and becoming a player working in the field. My career has been given a new impetus by joining a company that develops renewable energy projects. I’m pleased to have joined a smaller company that has all the responsiveness of a Start Up while also benefiting from a solid financial standing coupled with the experience of a benchmark player in the renewable energy industry.
As part of a reactive, highly motivated team, boosted by the dynamism of the Jouven family, Sophie Duranton takes a long-term view: “there is still great scope for innovating further in the field of renewable energies. I am convinced that we are going to see the development of new and ever more effective and efficient systems”.