Solar Farms

Solar projects portfolio


IN TUNISIA (JC International):

100 MWc in development since 2013 with a major local partner: STEG ER
10 sites in development with an average capacity of 10 MWc each.

IN THE CARIBBEAN (JC International) :
8 MWc photovoltaic park in development at St Martin.
• Photovoltaic Roofing project in development at St Barthelemy.

Objectif 2017 : solar development in 3 other Caribbean countries.



In 2014:
• Photovoltaic parks in operation: 73 MWc distributed across 15 parks,
• Photovoltaic parks in development: 140 MWc

In 2015: The sale of French photovoltaic parks in development as well as those in operation (with their maintenance) to Swiss, German, and French funds.

In 2016, the Group has decided to dedicate its activity in France exclusively to wind projects via its Eco Delta affiliate.


Today: Resumption of photovoltaic development beginning in January 2017 with 40 MW total capacity.

End of 2018 : Submission of Building Permits with a total capacity of 100 MW.

Les Mées (05) solar project (France – 05). Launch: Summer 2011. Sold in 2014.

Les Mées

36 MWc in operation