Our Expertise

The Group’s expertise

The development, construction, and operation of wind and photovoltaic parks.

The JC MONT-FORT Group acts as the developer, investor, and operator of electricity production sites in the fields of wind power and photovoltaics. Thanks to its management board and affiliates, it is able to offer considerable expertise stemming from 15 years of experience in the following fields:

Project development / M&A: sales of projects / Financial engineering / Construction

Development of new technologies / Operation and maintenance of its own parks

JC MONT-FORT’s industrial and financial expertise allows it to act as an integrated operator and to control the entire chain of skills, from the prospection to the operation of production sites, by adapting to the political, social, and regulatory context of each market.

JC MONT-FORT incorporates each of its projects into the local economic fabric by identifying completely with the concerns of the communes: the absolute respect of land and citizens, the uncompromising quality of landscape integration, the full and unconditional support of the population, and the reliability of the technologies put into service.

Innovation: the key to the future

Technology enhancement is one of the key points of the development of electricity production in the fields of wind power and photovoltaics. The progress which is made enables the installations, productivity, yield, management, and operation of our projects to be improved on a continual basis. It is also the gauge of a project’s increased environmental, economic and social integration.

With several patents submitted by its affiliates, the JC MONT-FORT Group is firmly placed at the forefront of research and technological innovation. Directly involved in the field in each of our projects, our engineers are especially free to develop solutions which are continually more pertinent and adapted to concrete issues. The reliability of these innovations has already been demonstrated in the numerous parks in operation. Their indisputable potential is confirmed a little more each day and enables the conception of projects which never stop growing in efficiency.

Constantly looking toward the future, every day JC MONT-FORT meets the bold challenge of designing the technologies of tomorrow without ever losing sight of the absolute respect of local populations and ecosystems.

High-potential and reliable innovations

• EE connection point (Poste source EDD®)
Connection of production sites to extremely high-voltage lines.
> Construction of a substation connected to the network all by itself, and to which several photovoltaic parks in operation are connected.

• Predipower®
A wind and photovoltaic park energy production prediction process using weather forecasts.

• Wind and solar power storage
A wind project coupled with storage capacity following a tender won in Corsica.

• CPV Tracking
Operation of a prototype of concentrated solar panels built upon a dual axis tracker.