Les Mées – France

LES MÉES (05) solar project

Development of 100 MWc over 200 ha, 36 MWc of which are in operation across 8 photovoltaic parks.

Les Mées (France – Alpes-de-Haute-Provence), the sunniest region in France.
1550 kWh/year of horizontal solar irradiation.

Sustainable development.
Limitation in the use of concrete: the creation of photovoltaic panel supporting structures using screws.
The seeding of honey-producing plants to make honey and essential oils, all the while promoting the preservation of bees & truffle oak plantations.
The conversion of agricultural land and the recycling of the envisaged photovoltaic panels right from the time of conception.
Connecting the parks to an Eco Delta 20/220 electrical substation, which is connected to an extremely high-voltage network (RTE). An overall investment of €200M.

Launch: Summer 2011. Sold in 2014.