Flexigrid combined project

Artigues and Ollières (France – 83)

In partnership with Aloe Energy, ECO Delta has developed a project comprising various elements: solar energy, wind energy, storage and an electrical substation.

The first hybrid project in France innovating across 2 themes:
> Hybridisation with a combination of wind and solar energy on the same site
> A single-point connection, which is then connected to a high voltage power line by directly tapping into this (Poste source EDD ® patent)

The project consists of building a 44 MW wind farm, two solar farms with a total capacity of 24 MW, a storage unit and an electricity production injector to tap directly into the 225 kV RTE line , through a private 20/225 substation.
A production forecast module and a command control system will also be connected to these installations, offering a complete system service to the network operator.

Criteria for choosing the site:
• Abundant natural resources.
• Distance from residential areas.
• Satisfactory impact and environmental studies.
• Multi-energy concentration without distribution across the regional territory.
• Direct connection to the RTE network passing over the site.
• Energy provision for an area that is energy-deficient.

This project comprises significant and measurable regional benefits:
• 56.4% of regional electricity consumption is currently imported.
• The project will represent 1.8% of the regional electricity production.
• The Boutre-Coudon high voltage power line to which the projects are connected provides energy to the Nice region, which is clearly energy-deficient.
• The energy released through the Boutre-Coudon line comes from hydroelectric stations in the Alps and adds a source of mixed-production renewable energy, enabling an optimisation of water management (Vallée de la Durance area and Sainte-Croix and Serre-Ponçon dams in particular).
• Added to this are the storage and forecasting elements, which will be capable of optimising the integration of renewable energy into the electricity grid through a reduction in energy intermittency.