Artigues et Ollières – France

Artigues and Ollières wind project – 83 – France
66 MWe with a permit that is not subject to appeal

22 wind turbines at 3 MW each
Total power: 66 MW

Criteria for the choice of site:
• A large stretch of land far away from residential areas
• Abundant natural resources
• A nearby, underused, extremely high-voltage line (THT)
• Power to a zone which is highly deficient in electricity production,
• A direct connection to the extremely high-voltage network (RTE) passing through the site.

An innovative project making it possible to tap directly into the THT line via a private substation (Eco Delta patent).

An original project (combining three renewable energy sources – hydraulic, solar, and wind) and an important part of the FLEXGRID project which contributed significantly to the Ministry of the Environment’s decision to retain the project in the PACA (Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur) region.

Find out more about the FLEXGRID project here.

The project is in the pre-construction phase.